Thursday, October 8, 2009

Think: Finances. Do: Nature walk. Love: Life

This morning I decided to pull a few cards from the deck. I tried out Tarot Dame's Charlotte Mason spread

1. Something to think about: Five of Pentacles
2. Something to do: King of Pentacles
3. Something to love: Queen of Swords

Five of Pentacles: Something to think about Man is this card spot on. I feel like the Gnome in this card. Trudging the icy and frugal financial path. Everything seems to be frozen. I've been worried about my funds for a few weeks now. It seems like there's always something. Clothes, food, mailbox, car payment, bills, etc. Everything is piling up and I'm always relieved to find that there is enough there. It just doesn't always feel like it. This card is me to a "T" right now. I have to keep an eye on money, but I shouldn't stress over it. Since I have enough. Just would like to have more (doesn't everyone) so I could start saving.

King of Pentacles: Something to do The King of Pentacles has always represented earthly wealth to me. A kind, generous man who shares his abundance. But he can also indicate a pull to nature. I do need to get out more. Enjoy the changing of the seasons. Revel in the beauty of the leaves turning from green to reds and golds.

Queen of Swords: Something to Love This card usually indicates a need to be strong, independent, and smart. (Lead with your head, not your heart.) But in this deck the card has a distinctly different feel to me. She seems to be beckoning me to her. See what I've reaped. You can have this too. You can have the emotional strength (pool of water) & natural strength (jungle and moss on her) along with the usual mental strength (swords in water). Just relax. Revel in your womanhood. She seems to be telling me to enjoy my weekend. (It is shaping up to be quite the ladies weekend: LUPEC (Ann Arbor chapter) meeting and a Bridal shower.

Hmm. Great spread. I'll be using this one again!

Deck: Fantastical Creatures by US Games

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