Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Better Get Over Itself

2014 can suck it!

No really.



It's only the 13th day of the year and already I just want 2014 to be over. Either that or whatever/whoever/whichever I/the world pissed off, I get it. I'm sorry We're sorry. Please go away! 

Everything starts off okay and full of promise just like every year.Finally get back to work for two days. Then off for the weekend.....or so I thought.


Find out on Saturday, that hey, The Hubs now has to spend Monday - Friday at another store a few hours away. (So he will be gone.)

* Squeaker has a fever all day. Finally it breaks at dinner time and he seems to be doing fine.
* the University where I work decided to close for Monday.

* The now infamous Polar Vortex known as Winter Storm Ion dropped a shit ton of show on our town. Then decided to follow it up with colder than fuck temperatures not seen in decades.
* Squeaker's fever comes back and he's pissy, whiny and not eating or drinking.
* Turns out he has the flu. Grab medicine and essentials and come back home.

* Ion decides to keep up the craptastic weather and blows all the snow drifts over our driveway.
* Work closes again. Whew!

* Work is now open. But....
* Squeaker seems to be doing better.
* I start having a sore throat, aches, sneeze, cough, headache.
* Snowed in.

* I call a Snow Removal company, sure they'll be out this afternoon to clear the drive.
* 1:30, call from Snow Remover, yeah,  can't make it to you today. Call someone else, if you can't get it done today, I'll do it tomorrow. 
* 6 companies later, finally get someone who will come at 7pm. Fine whatever, great, just get here!  Plus he's the cheapest too boot.

* Finally can get out of the house!
* Kids. Are. Going. To. Daycare! Woohoo!!!!
* I go to urgent care. Luckily no flu. I go home and sleep.
* Get kids, we relax. Day 4 was pretty good.

* Hubs coming home!
* I'm supposed to be off work, but decide since I didn't go in at all. To put the kids in daycare and go in.
* Hubs gets home around noon.
* I get a call from Urgent Care. Squeaker's has pnemonia. WTF!!!
* Hubs, picks up Squeaker goes to Urgent Care. Gets 2 scrips. Huh?!?
* Pharmacist questions scrips.
* I call Squeaker's doctor's office. Talk to nurse. She says you have to ask the prescribing doc.

* Hubs works ALL DAY! Ugh.
* Doc's office calls back. Yeah, the Urgent Care, isn't affiliated with us and doesn't know that Squeaker has Virally Induced Asthma and that was probably the spot on the x-ray (indicating the pnemonia) So don't ever go back there cause they suck at pediatric care. (Yeah, they were professional about it, I'm just putting my version in.)
* Yay, Squeaker doesn't have pnemonia.
* I'm starting to feel better.

*Relaxation central.

I'm really hoping that all the shit of 2014 is over. At least for a while!