Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Great News!!!

Hey everyone, I have some amazing news. I've been playing this close to my chest for a long time now and figure that I can finally tell everyone.

I'm 20 weeks pregnant!!!!

I'm having a little boy!!!!

So, we are all of course very excited. This time around, I'm not worrying so much about how I'll be as a parent. Now I'm worried about how my daughter will handle a new baby brother. So far, she kisses and hugs my belly. Saying "Hugs and kisses for baby brother." So that's good. But at other times, I'm wondering if her new affectionate nature, is a response. The Hubs said he was very affectionate as a child so it could be a personality thing.

Don't get me wrong, I love all the unprompted "I love you, Mommy." and "Mommy pretty." comments. My heart just melts when I hear it. I'm just hoping that it's here to stay and not something temporary. Well, granted it probably won't happen when she's 13. But hopefully it will stay for a while.

I had a wonderful Mother's day. I got flowers from my mom. And a "World's Best Mom" coffee mug with a brand new Keurig coffee maker from my Daughter and Husband. Though the coffee maker is apparently for both Mom and Dad's day. No biggie for me. Cuts down on the shopping I have to do in June. ;)

So what are you all up to? Any big news for you?