Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend we will be innundated with sales, family, friends, cook-outs, beaches, sun and fun. But please don't forget to remember the true meaning behind the holiday.
We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.
- Moina Michael

Monday is Memorial Day. I will be celebrating it with my family and honoring those who have given the greatest gift to our country. Through their struggles and sacrifices we have recevied so much!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MIA Explained and My Darling Little Banshee

Ok ya'll. I know I've been a bad blogger. But oh well. I've been keeping up with everyone else's blogs. But for some reason, I just haven't had much of a desire to blog. I guess a lack of ideas, time and just being lazy has blown up here.

Well, everything is going well in my little corner of the universe. The Wee One went to the dentist last week. I was really glad that her Daddy took her. I was so embarrassed at the state of her teeth. Don't get me wrong, I attempt to brush them every morning and evening. But for some reason whenever I try to brush her teeth my little angel turns into a toothbrush sucking, squealing, crying, banshee. I don't get it. Why would anyone think brushing your teeth is such a horrific process? And since she hates, HATES getting her teeth brushed, I haven't been able to get them as clean as I would like. And therefore, she has a shadow on the upper part of her front teeth. I don't know if it's from lack of brushing, her teeth are naturally two-toned (highly unlikely) or her vitamins are staining her teeth. Hell they stain everything else in the world, why not her teeth.

Well, luckily, our dentist has a daughter just like ours and he instructed us to have one parent hold her down so she can't move a muscle. And then have the other parent brush. The downside is that I feel like I'm torturing our little angel. But the upside is that when she shrieks in protest, it's great access to her front teeth.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Update on My Birthday Giveaway Extravaganza

Okay, I told you all that I would fill you in on what Sara and Dawn received in their giveaway winnings.

Here's the loot as it looked upon arrival.
  • And here's what was inside all the lovely packages.
  • Toblerone chocolate bar
  • Saunders Swiss Dark Fudge topping
  • Lay It On Thick hand lotion
  • Nag Champa incense
  • Variety Puzzle book
  • Mini Sage Smudge stick
  • Matches
  • Handmade Feather earrings (by one of my employees)
  • Mini Moleskine sketchbook
  • London Jeans tote bag
  • Calendula seeds
  • Handmade Scrying mirror. (Made by moi out of a picture frame and black paint.)
So, again, congratulations to Dawn and Sara!!!! (Go visit their blogs, they are wonderful & inspiring bloggers!!!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Ideas on a Small Budget

I've been trying to make more and more things at home instead of buying.


1)I made bread and cookies with my awesome Sis-in-Law a few weeks ago. Man, nothing like fresh bread. In fact, I don't remember bread being eaten so fast in my house before.2)I'm making some potions/waters rather than spending a butt-load of money for it. (Butt-load, such a strange turn of phrase.)

3)I made a quick batch of Arnica Salve for my aforementioned Sis-in-Law who unfortunately twisted her ankle really bad while helping a drunk friend.

Arnica Salve
Dried Arnica flowersOil (I've used Olive and Avocado before. The main thing is you want something good for the skin. No canola or vegetable oil here.)

Essential oil for scent. I used a little lemon essential oil this time, though I've also used lavender too. Whatever works and seems as though it'd help.1) Place Arnica flowers in a small crock pot or pan. (I have a "Little Dipper" crock pot that I always use just for potions/salves/etc.2) Steep the Arnica flowers in just enough oil to cover. You can steep for as long as you want, but the minimum should be at least two hours.

3) Strain flowers out of oil.

4) Pour oil back into pot. Add essential oil (if necessary) and beeswax.I've found that 2 parts oil to 1 part wax works well. But it depends on how smooshy/oily/hard you want your salve.

5) After wax melts, you can pour into a heat safe container. I find that 4oz glass jars work really well.

And this is another quick and easy tip that I plan on stealing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are You Sure it's Not a Full Moon?

Oh. My. God.

It's been crazy the last few days. And I mean full-moon, insane asylum crazy.

There have been moron's at work.

Me: I'm sorry, if you wait until the last minute, I can't help you. No, asking me the same question fifteen different ways won't change my answer either. I'm sorry, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the universe doesn't revolve around you. Yes, I know your Mommy always said you were, but she lied.

Seriously, I've talked to my boss about performing a hex-break or cleansing here at work. I just have to do it when everyone's gone or I'll get some really strange looks. (Not that I don't already, lol.) Though I could just shout at them "The power of Christ compels you." And spray them with my Holy Water. LMAO.

Funny story, I went to buy supplies last weekend for the cleansing and I told the Hubs everything I bought, Camomille, Iron Filings, Nails, Floriday Water and Holy Water. He was quite surprised about the Holy Water. And syas to me, "You just slide right through the faiths don't you." I would've explained that Holy Water is just as potent in Spellwork as in the Christian faith. But I didn't feel like launching into the whole discussion.

I'm even making my own War Water, just in case the Holy Water isn't enough. Plus, it's good to have on hand anyway. I'm using Iron Nails, (additional Iron Filings to help kickstart it) and rain water. (Trying to get some from a thunderstorm. Should have some luck today and tomorrow.) Then you just let it sit and oxidize. When you need it you have it.

Back to the craziness.

This morning I asked for 2% milk (in a half pint) to mix in my coffee. I'm trying to cut calories, and if I can get rid of the cream that'd help right? Well sure, except the milk tasted like puke. No really, you know that horrible taste you get after you spew chunks. Yep, that's it. And when you add it to your coffee, your coffee then tastes like coffee flavored puke. Seriously, not a very nice way to start your day.

But thankfully, that's nothing a little bite of chocolate can't solve. Need it to cleanse the palette. I know, I'm full of excuses to eat chocolate. Just one piece, honest. And a big glass of water. Which is probably better than my 32oz coffee. I just hope I don't get another caffeine headache. Then again, enough chocolate will solve that too. ;)

Hope you're all doing well. I'll post a regular post tomorrow.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells: The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts

A few years ago I bought this book Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells and boy let me tell you it's got an insane amount of great information in it. If you ever wanted to know how to make Holy Water, Dove's Blood Ink, Goofer Dust, Graveyard Dirt, etc. All the recipes are in here. Plus there's all sorts of spells on pretty much anything you can imagine.Excerpt Spell:

Five Eye Spell - (Banish the evil eye)
Five pairs of glass beads, each pair in a different distinct color, are required for this amulet. Dizzying colors dazzle the Evil Eye.

1. String the beads in a double row.
2. Arange them in a circle.
3. Post or wear.

A lot are this simple, some require odd ingredients and yet others are more complex.

The weird thing is, when I bought the book you couldn't get it through the US version of Amazon. Apparently there was some issue. You can still buy it from random sellers. But it's now been reprinted. And the Reprint of Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells is available through Amazon. It was reprinted in March 2009 and since I haven't seen an actual copy I don't know if there have been any additions/deletions or corrections, but I'm sure it's just as handy to have in your collection.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Book Review: Heaven and Earth

I guess I'll actually be reviewing both Dance upon the Air and Heaven and Earth. I mentioned earlier that I was re-reading this trilogy by Nora Roberts. But I never mentioned what the storyline was about in the first book.

Dance Upon the Air
This book gives a bit of the background for the three novels and focuses on Nell Channing. She's on the run from her famous husband who is abusive. She lived in California and ends up in New England on Three Sisters Island. (Hence the trilogy title.) She needs to come to terms with what happened to her, face it head on and possibly fall in love (with the handsome Sheriff Zack Todd). If she doesn't face her tormentor the island will crumble into the sea.

Now Three Sisters Island is named for the three witches that legend says conjured up the island as a way to escape the witch hunts in the late 1600's. Well the three sisters (Air, Earth and Fire) end up falling apart. Air falls in love with a gorgeous man and they leave the island. She has a few kids with him, but he ends up killing her. Earth can't stand that her sister didn't defend herself and wants justice so she ends up going against her beliefs of "Not causing harm" and kills him. And at the end Fire is alone her two sisters end up dying/leaving and her husband ends up leaving as well.

Heaven and Earth

This book focuses on Ripley Todd. She's lived on Three Sisters her entire life. She's deputy sheriff on the island and has turned her back on her gift for the last 10 years. She has to work through her issues with her gift, her friends and the "yummy" Dr. MacAllister Booke (Paranormal Science) who's come to the island to speak with Mia Devlin (the resident witch and bookstore owner.)

Ripley's story also parallels Earth's story from 300 years before. Ripley needs to mete out justice without harm and if she doesn't the island will topple into the sea.

I really like both of these books since they deal with magic and family and friends. Plus besides being a quick and fun read, they just remind me of the inner struggle I had in coming to terms with my own spirituality. Do I believe? What do I believe? What does that mean if I believe? Am I really that strong to face my beliefs, fears, etc.?

I'm currently reading the last book Face the Fire which focuses on the last member of the three Mia Devlin. I'll post a review on that as soon as I finish.