Thursday, October 1, 2009

Less Stress on the Horizon

I'm an avid tarot fan. In fact, I'm trying to really study and work at it, so that one day, I can do it professionally. That said, I'll have to do a ton of readings!

So here goes!!!

I did a daily three card draw with the Fey tarot deck. (Sorry about the picture quality. Hopefully, I'll figure out how to put mulitple pics together better later.)

*Note: I like to combine a little of traditional readings with intuitive readings. So I may not always use a card the same way. It'll just depend on the day.

Chariot, Emperor, 4 of Wands

Chariot - I received this card a few days ago. Then it indicated to me how I saw myself before having my daughter. I was able to kick back and enjoy life as it happened. No worries for this chica.

But today, I see this card differently. I still see it as referring to me. But indicating that I'm not moving in the direction that I should be. I'm a couch potato in other words. After everything is done for the day, I typically sit in front of the boob tube and work on my cross stitch. Relaxing? Yes. Active? No.

Emperor - Today, this card reflects my husband sitting as well. We are both incredibly exhausted with his current work schedule. (Two and a half weeks of 12 hour days, with only one day off.) But he should be getting back to his normal schedule. Which will help us both. He can help out with the little one and around the house, and I won't feel so overwhelmed with everything.

****Major props to all the single moms out there!!! I really don't know how you do it!****

Four of Wands - This card typically means to kick back and enjoy a break. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. It's a tree all decked out for a party! I feel that it's reminding us that this stressful time is coming to a close, so we can enjoy the break in the insanity. However, this break seems like it's going to be short lived. Since the hubs works in retail, November will be nuts for him. Thankfully, it shouldn't be quite as stressful as this time has been, since that time a little bit of a slow period for me at work.

*Deck: Fey Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

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