Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kindle vs. Nook Color

Okay readers, I need your help. Do you have a Kindle or a Nook Color? I know all the differences between them, and I'm honestly leaning more towards the Nook Color. But I want to know what you think.


Or this:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Winner of my Ostara Candy Giveaway

Okay, so there were three commenters on my last post. So, I put in your three names and drew the winner.

Dun, dun, duuuuunnnnn.....

Lilac Silverfox of My Wiccan Ways!!!!

Congratulations sweetie!!!

BTW, Lilac is participating in the Welcoming the God blog party and her guest post is today!!!! She's got a great entry about Quetzalcoatl. So check her out. She's a new blogger, but she's doing amazing!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ostara Celebration and Giveaway

Happy Ostara to all of you visiting from Confessions of a Country Witch's blog party.

I thought I'd share something fun with all of you.

Just keep in mind that you will want a very SMALL chocolate rabbit. We celebrated yesterday and it was a ton of fun. A bit of a sugary, sweet overload, but fun.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Chocolate Rabbit

1. For this ritual, you'll need the following:

•A bag of jellybeans
•Marshmallow Peeps -- chicks, bunnies, etc.
•A chocolate rabbit for each particpant
•A glass of milk for each participant

Arrange your ritual supplies on your altar so they look pretty. Kids can do this -- typically the chocolate rabbits end up in the center, surrounded by an army of Peeps and several rings of jellybeans. A quick note -- you might want to perform this ritual well in advance of mealtime, or all the kids will be too full of candy to eat a real dinner.

2. First, give everyone present a handful of jellybeans. Point out the different colors in the jellybeans, and what they can represent. As you call out each one, eat the jellybeans in that color. Feel free to be a bit goofy. Say something like:

Behold, little jelly eggs, small symbols of the season,
How we adore you!
Green is for the grass that springs from the land! (eat all the green jellybeans)
Yellow is for the sun shining above our heads! (eat all your yellow jellybeans)
Red is for the tulips that grow in our garden! (eat your red jellybeans)
Pink is for Aunt Martha's new Easter hat! (eat your pink jellybeans)
Purple is for the crocuses that sprout along our driveway! (eat the purple ones)

3. Continue this until all the colors are gone -- if you really want to have some fun, make the kids take turns naming off the colors and what they mean to them. When they're all gone, call out:

Hail! Hail! to the mighty jelly bean of Spring!

4. Next, hand out the marshmallow Peeps. As you do, say:

Behold the Peep! The Peep is life, brought back in the spring!
Little Peep chickens, we honor you! (bite the Peep chicks)
Little Peep bunnies, we honor you! (bite the Peep bunnies)…

Continue this until the Peeps are all gone -- it's probably a good idea to limit each kid to just two or three Peeps at the most. When the Peeps have all vanished, call out:

Hail! Hail! to the mighty Peeps of Spring!

5. Finally, distribute the chocolate rabbits. Say:

Behold the great chocolate rabbit!
As he hops through the land, he spreads joy and happiness!
O, how we adore the chocolate rabbit and his great big chocolate ears! (eat the rabbit's ears)
Praise the chocolate rabbit, and his delicious chocolate tail! (eat the rabbit's tail)
Honor this chocolate rabbit, and his chocolate hoppity legs! (eat the rabbit's legs)
He is a wonderful rabbit, and he is special indeed! (eat the rest of the rabbit)

When the rabbits are all gone, say:

Hail! Hail! to the mighty chocolate rabbit of Spring!

6. Give everyone a glass of milk, and raise your drinks in a toast to these three symbols of the season.

To the jelly beans!
To the Peeps!
To the chocolate rabbit!
We drink in your honor!

Drink your milk, and sit back to enjoy the sensation of being stuffed with ritual candy.

What You Need:
•Jelly beans
•Chocolate rabbits

And look, you can win everything you need for this ritual. So all you'd need is the milk.

To enter the giveaway you need to be a follower of this blog.

That's it. Just comment below. And make sure that you have an accessible email address.

The drawing will be held Monday, March 21st.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Send Prayers and Energy to Japan!!!

Oh my god!!! The devastation that has hit Japan is enough to make you sit down and start rocking back and forth catatonically. Please send whatever thoughts, prayers, energy, whatever to Japan and now possibly to Hawaii!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Inspirations

I'm so looking forward to March. I can't even begin to tell you all how much I can't wait for this month to get fully underway! Well, maybe it is already, and I'm just late to the party. Who, knows.


  • I'm inspired by the rain that has been coming. Granted, I'm not a sloppy mud person. But I do appreciate the fact that it's no longer cold enough to snow. Bring on the warmer temps. And warmer temps = skirts and dresses. Yay!!!
  • Ostara.
  • We're going to be doing our backyard this year. Patio, fire pit?, the works. I'm looking forward to lazy summer days sitting on my back patio drinking lemonade and reading a beloved book.
  • I'm hoping that in addition to doing our back yard, I can get the front flowerbed going. I have some ideas, so we'll see if we have the time and more importantly the funds to do it. If nothing else, I'll always have my kitchen windowsill garden.
  • St. Patrick's Day. I love the Corned beef and cabbage and carrots and potatoes of it all. Mmmm.
  • And of course, Fat Tuesday today!!! Come on everyone, get your Mardi Gras, Paczki grove on!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Come and Celebrate the God with Us

Hey everyone,

No, I'm not dead. Thankfully. I fought that nasty cold and then to reward me, another cold decided to come party. Luckily, I've been cold free for the past two or three weeks. Phew. Let's hope it continues, (keeping my fingers crossed.)

Anywho, I decided to celebrate the upcoming spring by participating in the "15 Days of Welcoming the God" Blog Party hosted by Confessions of a Country Witch and Domesticated Gypsy.

I am learning about the God in my new Circle now and I'm really surprised by how connected I am to him. I haven't focused on a male deity for...yea, don't think I ever really have. So, it's been a breath of fresh air. Anyway, let's all visit the party for some much needed masculine energy.

I'm doing Ostara. Though my post isn't focused entirely on the God. AND, I will be doing a giveaway for it. So stay tuned.