Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Hope We're Still BFF's?!?!?!

You’d think we would be old friends by now. At the very least, we’d understand one another. 


Not a chance. 

I’ve been trying to get to know you and your idiosyncrasies for years. It started way back in 8th grade when I perm’ed you. (It was the early 90’s.) 

And the perm fell out. 

No really. Beautiful bouncing curls. No washing of chemicals for a day and a half. And they fell out. 

I should have learned at that moment. 


My mom took me back to the salon three days later and they perm’ed you again. This time the perm sort of took. Alas, we weren’t going for the dreadlock look. 

No seriously, you did resemble dreadlocks unless I was actively brushing you. 

Then we got along a little better in high school. I left you long and highlighted. No muss, no fuss. I embraced the straightness of you. 

College came. I let you grow until you gave me migraines with your weight. I cut you from my waist to my chin. Getting shorter and shorter until you were an inch and a half long….and platinum blonde. 

Then I decided to make you pink. First, bubble gum, pink streaks. Which you didn’t care for and promptly let wash out. 

Again. Did I learn?


I decided to cover all of you in hot, hot pink. I fused retinas on the backs of eyeballs of people that had to look at me. Well for a little while. Then you let most of that pink wash out. 

Not all of it, mind you. You got your revenge with the small pink yarmulke back there. 

I relented and let you grow out. We got along for a while. You even seemed to like the Mary Jane red I dyed you. 

You didn’t want to let go of that. I tried to take you back to your beautiful, natural, caramel blonde color.

Nope. You didn’t want to let go. So I made the hair dresser bleach you three times in one sitting. And you were still slightly pink. 

But you retaliated for that lapse of judgment on my part. I was lucky you didn’t fall out. You just decided that you had had enough. 

I waited a few months again. And tried to make all of you the same color, instead of platinum ends and caramel blond roots. 


I ended up with dark ashy roots and platinum ends. You refused to soak up any more color. You were tired and fried. 

I waited a few more weeks until I could cut off all the platinum ends. And dyed you a dark ashy blonde/brown color. You looked really pretty. Finally!!!!

We seemed to have come to some sort of an agreement. 

Then I tried to go the natural shampoo route. I tried Apple Cider Vinegar. You stank and hung crisply for everyone to see. 

I gave that one up fast. 

Then I let you grow out and decided, when you were covering me like a winter blanket in one of the hottest summers and while I was pregnant, to donate you to some child who would be better served by you. 

We were free and floating in the breeze. That was another nice time together. 

I tried the natural-ish shampoo route again. This time using an actual store bought shampoo but sulfate free. We did okay with that. I even gave up conditioner. Well mostly. Every now and then you still demand it. 

Finally we are where we are today. I wash you every other day. You don’t get crazy greasy and you actually let me style you somewhat. 

I feel our relationship is better than ever. 

Except today.

When I left the house, you looked great. 

Now I have a weird kink in you and I look like a goddamn cockatoo. 

What the fuck hair?!?!?! 

Please tell me this is just a passing fancy and that we really are BFF’s. 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Picture of Dorian Grey

So, I just discovered that my library has audio books. Not just the cd kind either. I can now download them directly to my phone. Of course, that made me remember my 2010 Book Challenge. Yes, I'm still on it. I was bad and only read one book on my list that year. Ugh. I did read, just nothing on that list.

Here goes. I decided to start with The Picture of Dorian Grey.

I've tried to read this so many times, but like Dracula I just couldn't get into it. All the descriptions and old timey language just stopped me cold. But having someone read it to me. I just have to open my ears and pay attention. Or space out on the boring parts.

I have to say that I sorta enjoyed this book. I liked it more than Dracula. Ugh. That book dragged on and on and on and on.

This one was really only a little dull during the middle. When Dorian was talking about what he did after he discovered that he wouldn't age. There was this section of all these gemstones and tapestries and clothing and such. It was his materialistic phase I guess. Just kept thinking....come on get back to the good stuff. Some dialogue even.

The whole Faustian idea of the book really made me think. What if someone could really stay young forever and their picture aged. I don't know that the soul would really get ugly from doing something horrible. How many serial killers do we see that are handsome and charming? Granted this came out long ago. I guess though that their souls are probably as hideous as Dorian's picture. It would be an interesting situation. Since no one really knows what a soul looks like.

Hmmm.....philosophical discussions may take place in my household now.

And I have to see the movie that came out a few years ago with Colin Firth as Lord Henry (I think). 

Friday, February 8, 2013

LetterMo 2013

LetterMo is once more upon us. I am, of course participating again. Who wouldn't want to get mailbox sunshine?!?!

I also adopted another soldier from Soldier's Angels. And I branched out even more with that by signing up for the Ladies of Liberty team through SA. We send extra love to all the lady soldiers out there. Birthday cards, care packages or even just a simple letter letting them know that there are people back home that care about them. And Angel Baby is getting into the swing of things and including a Valentine in each of the cards, lets or packages I mail out. We hope everyone enjoys them. 

If you would like to get a letter from me, please add your address to my postable account. No one else will see it, but me. So no worries about security.

I hope you have a safe Friday, the snow/ice is flying this morning. Luckily the Hubs and I are both off today. And we have the Niece and Nephew to watch too since their school was closed because of the weather. So stay warm and dry.  Snuggle up with a favorite book, or follow me in getting a warm drink, a pen, envelope and paper and write a note to someone you haven't talked to in a while.