Thursday, April 1, 2010

30th Birthday Extravaganza Giveaway

I will be turning 30 this month. So to celebrate, I figured I'd spread the birthday lurve to my lovely readers! Therefore, I will be giving:

  • London Jeans denim tote bag

  • Variety Puzzles magazine

  • Toblerone chocolate bar

  • Saunders Dark Chocolate Fudge sauce

  • Moleskine mini journal
  • And more !!!!!

Way to get it:

  • You must follow me and mention it below.

  • You must have an email address or blog address so I can contact you if you win

Additional ways to get it:

  • Blog about it and post blog address in the comments section of this post.

  • Do a random act of kindness for someone (borrowing a great idea from Domestic Witch.)

  • Find some of the easter eggs in my blog.

  • There will be two count them TWO winners!!!
  • I will award the prizes on April 24th.

  • One will go to the person that has the most entries.

  • One will go to a person chosen the old fashioned way. (Names in a bowl and chosen by the Wee One.)
  • International Readers should feel free to join in. I will ship anywhere.


Mother's Moon's Message said...

what a wonderful idea.... count me in.... an early Happy Birthday to you...

mxtodis123 said...

My dear, to be 30 again!!!! Enjoy. Count me in for your raffle.

---Lea Elisabeth said...

I dunno if you're shipping to Canada or not, but if you are, count me in!

Happy birthday hun<333333

Smart Ass Sara said...

I have a random act of kindness- I'm shipping a hair bleaching kit to a fellow blogger who very much wants one. That's going out in todays mail.

Smart Ass Sara said...

I'm a follower!! :)

Smart Ass Sara said...

Ooh!! does it count if I bought a vibrator for another fellow blogger who has NEVER used one?? (I know... I couldn't let her go on like would be wrong and against my moral compass to do so) and she should get it this week. I have no idea how Canadian mail works, so I hope she gets it this week.

Domestic Witch said...

Woot! Woot! I'm a follower!

LOVE the vibrator random act of kindness! hahahha!

Anonymous said...

I helped my sister in law not go crazy today with a sick baby and a new cake recipe to make. Oh and just got to enjoy her company. Think how easy it would be to ship to me. :)

I'm Not Wiccan, I'm a Witch said...

Happy Birthday !!!
... and count me in ... and I'm gonna go try out some random acts of kindness !

Mother's Moon's Message said...

found an easter egg... in your hummingbird cake recipe... yum

Domestic Witch said...

Blogged about it:

I'm Not Wiccan, I'm a Witch said...

my random act of kindness was to NOT rant at a cashier who felt it necessary to judge me and bless me with his god after I paid for my goodies and headed out the door. Does that count (snicker) ?

The High Family said...

Random act of kindness. I gave away four tickets to the local baseball game to a family who did not have the money to buy them and really wanted to go.

Smart Ass Sara said...

I've got more RAOK!! So I mailed a bunch of my cookbooks to a fellow blogger today.

Smart Ass Sara said...

AND I just gave my neighbor all of my planters that I don't plan on using because she's just moving in and is broke. :)

Smart Ass Sara said...

And I'm shippig out a massive box of boy clothes to another blogger strapped for cash.