Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So today at work, I'm on the phone trying to help someone and I get a pop up box that tells me my system is automatically shutting down in 30 seconds. A half second later I get a warning from McAfee saying there's a virus alert.

I immediately shut down my computer with the power button. I've had my share of scares with viruses and I know enough not to click on anything.

I start up my computer again and the same thing happens.

A few seconds after the second start up, my boss comes to my office, notices my computer and walks away saying, she's got it too.

I turn off everything again and I run out of my office asking if anyone else is getting the same message.

Turns out that it's stupid, fucking, McAfee geniuses that decided to send an update that attacks a benign file that's required for Windows to operate. And of course, my computer as are many others in my office set to automatically download any updates.

Fucking mess. That's what happened. My office and many others came to a complete standstill. Wouldn't be so bad, if not for a few things:

1. There are no longer any processes that are done completely non-digital.
2. The last time I backed up my computer was about two months ago.
3. It's one of the worst times for my office to have this issue.

However, all is not lost. I did have a few good things happen because of this:

1. My boss sent me and the other secretary out to lunch with some cash.
2. I was able to clean my office.
3. I was able to finally get to some much needed filing.
4. I finished my book.

So I guess it wasn't all a FAIL. I just hope that the problem is easily fixed. I really don't want to have to replicate two months worth of work.


mxtodis123 said...

I had problems at my work computer not too long ago, but the help desk fixes that. It was my home computer that I worried about when it picked up what they call the Google Redirect. I panic over something happening to my computer. I had Norton, but it let it slip through so we put on Hitman 3.5 and it wiped the virus right out.

It was nice of your boss to give you that money and send you to lunch. Hope you got something your really enjoyed. You sound like you've got a good boss.

Luna said...

Ah the computer age...same is at the hospital...everything is in the damn little boxes now and gods forbid they go down...then the shit hits the fan...Good times had by all :) least you got somethings done...