Monday, April 26, 2010

30th Birthday Extravaganza Giveaway

Whew! Last weekend was a fun but very alcohol soaked time. I was doing okay on Saturday evening until everything hit. But apparently I was my usual happy-go-lucky self. Which is better than the alternative.

Though many props to my wonderful, amazing and patient hubby who pulled over, cleaned up and put me to bed. I hope he'll never have to do that for me again. Ugh.

That said, here's a pic of me from the start of the evening. Luckily, there's no photographic evidence of the end of the evening....well that I'm aware of. ;)

And without further ado......

Drumroll please.....

So the winner with the most entries is Sara from Sara's Organized Chaos. Woot Woot!!!

And the winner drawn at random is Dawn from Domestic Witch. Rock on chica!

Congratulations ladies. I'll be in touch with you to get you your gifts.

I'll post later what the giveaway winners won. I'd kind of like them to be a bit surprised at some of the things they'll be receiving.


mxtodis123 said...

Congratulations to the ladies...and a Happy Birthday to you. Thanks for sharing the picture with us.

Dirgesinger said...

Congratulations ladies!
And many happy birthdays to You! The situation You have described is sooooo familiar to me :P When I was at the university (good ol' days) I was the best at Absinthe, even out-drinking the boys:D I know I should not be bragging about this but hell I am so proud :D
So just a little time-hole when You seem to cross time and space wthout notice is necessary from time to time:):)

RetroKali said...

Happy birthday! the hair.

Smart Ass Sara said...

cute hair, lover! ;)

Yay that I'm a winner. But not only am I winner every day because I'm a million shades of awesome, but I knew I had this in the bag. I mean if nothing else- purchasing a vibrator for a stranger blogger gets me SOMETHING.