Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Okay, I'm happy to say, March has been such a great month for me! February finished a bit off, but I was able to rally back in March. I'm feeling so stable, confident and centered now. It's really remarkable. I don't think I've felt this way in years. I guess the getting up off my ass and doing things is really what I needed.

In March, I:
  • Finished all my necessary fundraising. Now everything I get it just frosting!
  • Got caught up at work for all of 1 day. ;)
  • Saw Alice in Wonderland and went shopping with my Sister-in-Law. Such a great flick!!!!
  • Hung out with Domestic Witch for Tea and Shopping!
  • Hung out with Mom, the Wee One and the Ostara Bunny. ;)
  • Helped out a former advisor by interviewing a few Greek Chapters.
  • Read tarot for people other than friends and family.
  • Did an Ostara ritual.
  • Went to a few birthday parties.
  • Went to a baby shower for my cousin-in-law.
  • Had a blast with LUPEC sisterbroads at our monthly meeting.
  • Had a Pure Romance party!
  • Made brunch for my family.
  • Held my first Blog giveaway!!!
  • Really started training for the walk.
So as you can see, March was a rick-rollin good time!!!

Never gonna give you up.
Never gonna let you down.

Sorry, back to the topic at hand.

April should be more of the same! I can't wait. I've got quite a few things lined up. So stay posted!


mxtodis123 said...

You most certainly did get a lot accomplished. I seem to have slacked off in March, but hopefully now with such wonderful weather coming our way, I will once again liven up. Seems I suffer from SADD from January through the end of March.

SpiritPhoenix said...

Mary - Well there's no time like the present to get back into the swing of things. I hope April is a better month for you.

It's odd, usually I suffer from SADD, but this year I haven't. Maybe it's due to my Wee One being my sunshine. Or I could have just been able to get more sunlight than in years past.

Domestic Witch said...

Sounds like a great month!!