Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Giveaway @ Sara's Organized Chaos

So ladies and gents. I happened to trip over a fantastic blog last week. Literally, I tripped over it when I was surfing. I have the strained wrist to prove it. I'm fine really, and I was pleasantly surprised at the blog in front of me.

Sara from Sara's Organized Chaos is turning 28 and to celebrate she's having a giveaway of all her favorite things. (I get an extra entry for blogging about it.) So, if you're so inclined, go check out her blog. It's a ton of fun to see what mischief she's been up to.

In fact, beautiful, lovely Sara has given me an idea. I'm turning the dreaded 30 this April. Ugh! So, I'm thinking I might do something like this. We'll see.


Smart Ass Sara said...

Oh my god. If you die when you turn 30 I'm going to freak out. You must post on your bday otherwise please recognize I will be freaking out. (cold sweats have already started..)

SpiritPhoenix said...

LOL. I'm not planning on dying on my 30th birthday. But I will post. Don't worry about that.