Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tag....You're It

There's a new game of tag hitting the blogosphere. The lovely bloggette Anastasia from Deep Inside My Broom Closet tagged me.

The rules go like this:
Open your first photo file
Scroll to the 10th photo
Post the photo and tell the story behind it
Tag five more peopleI took this picture during the summer of 2004 (I believe). I went to a Alumnae-Active picnic hosted by my sorority at Metro Beach metropark. I took a walk and saw this guy just sitting here above the water. I just remember thinking.....how in the world did that horsey get there. So I had to take a pic.

I tag:
Domestic Witch - Her blog was one that inspired me to start my own.
Moontides - Mary's always got great stories about her life.
Sara's Organized Chaos - Though I'm a bit scared to see what she'll share, it should be very interesting nonetheless.
Luna's Blumen - I'm so impressed with her Random Kindness acts this month.
USBoS - Lea was one of my first blog friends after I started my own blog. I'm really intrigued with her spiritual journey.


Dirgesinger said...

I have just left a little present for You on my blog, here:


Domestic Witch said...

Before reading your info on the photo and seeing it full size, I though for sure it was whale tail!