Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MIA Explained and My Darling Little Banshee

Ok ya'll. I know I've been a bad blogger. But oh well. I've been keeping up with everyone else's blogs. But for some reason, I just haven't had much of a desire to blog. I guess a lack of ideas, time and just being lazy has blown up here.

Well, everything is going well in my little corner of the universe. The Wee One went to the dentist last week. I was really glad that her Daddy took her. I was so embarrassed at the state of her teeth. Don't get me wrong, I attempt to brush them every morning and evening. But for some reason whenever I try to brush her teeth my little angel turns into a toothbrush sucking, squealing, crying, banshee. I don't get it. Why would anyone think brushing your teeth is such a horrific process? And since she hates, HATES getting her teeth brushed, I haven't been able to get them as clean as I would like. And therefore, she has a shadow on the upper part of her front teeth. I don't know if it's from lack of brushing, her teeth are naturally two-toned (highly unlikely) or her vitamins are staining her teeth. Hell they stain everything else in the world, why not her teeth.

Well, luckily, our dentist has a daughter just like ours and he instructed us to have one parent hold her down so she can't move a muscle. And then have the other parent brush. The downside is that I feel like I'm torturing our little angel. But the upside is that when she shrieks in protest, it's great access to her front teeth.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh children, the reason xanax was invented. My littleguy flipped the f*ck out at the dentist when he had to have an extra tooth that grew behind his first row pulled. By the time we got outta there, I was asking for the gas mask.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Man- I am so lucky my kids love brushing their teeth. I have to hid the brushes and toothpaste because they are in there trying to brush all day. Freaks. BUT..my cousins had to be held down for 3 years each. I've seen it in action and I felt like maybe I need to see about street tranquilizers for them. Awful.