Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Ideas on a Small Budget

I've been trying to make more and more things at home instead of buying.


1)I made bread and cookies with my awesome Sis-in-Law a few weeks ago. Man, nothing like fresh bread. In fact, I don't remember bread being eaten so fast in my house before.2)I'm making some potions/waters rather than spending a butt-load of money for it. (Butt-load, such a strange turn of phrase.)

3)I made a quick batch of Arnica Salve for my aforementioned Sis-in-Law who unfortunately twisted her ankle really bad while helping a drunk friend.

Arnica Salve
Dried Arnica flowersOil (I've used Olive and Avocado before. The main thing is you want something good for the skin. No canola or vegetable oil here.)

Essential oil for scent. I used a little lemon essential oil this time, though I've also used lavender too. Whatever works and seems as though it'd help.1) Place Arnica flowers in a small crock pot or pan. (I have a "Little Dipper" crock pot that I always use just for potions/salves/etc.2) Steep the Arnica flowers in just enough oil to cover. You can steep for as long as you want, but the minimum should be at least two hours.

3) Strain flowers out of oil.

4) Pour oil back into pot. Add essential oil (if necessary) and beeswax.I've found that 2 parts oil to 1 part wax works well. But it depends on how smooshy/oily/hard you want your salve.

5) After wax melts, you can pour into a heat safe container. I find that 4oz glass jars work really well.

And this is another quick and easy tip that I plan on stealing.

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Magaly Guerrero said...

How crafty! I'm emailing you my address: I want homemade cookies!!!!!