Monday, May 3, 2010

Book Review: Heaven and Earth

I guess I'll actually be reviewing both Dance upon the Air and Heaven and Earth. I mentioned earlier that I was re-reading this trilogy by Nora Roberts. But I never mentioned what the storyline was about in the first book.

Dance Upon the Air
This book gives a bit of the background for the three novels and focuses on Nell Channing. She's on the run from her famous husband who is abusive. She lived in California and ends up in New England on Three Sisters Island. (Hence the trilogy title.) She needs to come to terms with what happened to her, face it head on and possibly fall in love (with the handsome Sheriff Zack Todd). If she doesn't face her tormentor the island will crumble into the sea.

Now Three Sisters Island is named for the three witches that legend says conjured up the island as a way to escape the witch hunts in the late 1600's. Well the three sisters (Air, Earth and Fire) end up falling apart. Air falls in love with a gorgeous man and they leave the island. She has a few kids with him, but he ends up killing her. Earth can't stand that her sister didn't defend herself and wants justice so she ends up going against her beliefs of "Not causing harm" and kills him. And at the end Fire is alone her two sisters end up dying/leaving and her husband ends up leaving as well.

Heaven and Earth

This book focuses on Ripley Todd. She's lived on Three Sisters her entire life. She's deputy sheriff on the island and has turned her back on her gift for the last 10 years. She has to work through her issues with her gift, her friends and the "yummy" Dr. MacAllister Booke (Paranormal Science) who's come to the island to speak with Mia Devlin (the resident witch and bookstore owner.)

Ripley's story also parallels Earth's story from 300 years before. Ripley needs to mete out justice without harm and if she doesn't the island will topple into the sea.

I really like both of these books since they deal with magic and family and friends. Plus besides being a quick and fun read, they just remind me of the inner struggle I had in coming to terms with my own spirituality. Do I believe? What do I believe? What does that mean if I believe? Am I really that strong to face my beliefs, fears, etc.?

I'm currently reading the last book Face the Fire which focuses on the last member of the three Mia Devlin. I'll post a review on that as soon as I finish.

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