Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back in Black

I think I'm finally able to get back into my groove of writing on this blog again. Man oh man was January a rough month. I'm hoping that the rest of the year will be smooth sailing now.

Let's see what the cards have to say.

First card: Knave of Swords. To me he's become adept at keeping the sword pointing away from himself. He can balance it in the air without causing damage to himself or others. I'm hoping that I've learned what I need to have learned last month and can finally move forward. (With this lesson in my pocket.)

Second card: Magician. He's back. Reminding me to teach myself that I have everything I need to move forward. And to teach my daughter what to do when it feels as though the world has thrown so many curve balls it's difficult to keep everything afloat. (He brings me a bit of relief too since he's my birth card.)

Third card: Temperance. She's back again. This time in the upright position. She's telling me that I'm back to normal. I'm back to my usual trend of seeing all sides to an issue. And not being tricked by the flying fish.

I'm happy to see the cards are reflecting my new found relief. Man oh man has it been long time. I'm ready to see what February has to bring.

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