Thursday, February 18, 2010


I know I should have posted this yesterday, but oh well. I'm posting it today.

Now, I know many of you know that I am not Catholic, however I do observe Lent. Albeit not in the traditional way. I do it to see if I can. It's a matter of willpower for me. This year, I'm giving up sweets....unless I've already worked out a half hour before. And that's a half hour for each sweet. Again, I realize this isn't a traditional thing. But it's a way for me to eat healthier, and possibily work out more. Granted, once my training for the 3-day Walk starts I'll have no problem here.

So, do you celebrate Lent? I saw a great history piece on Domestic Witch's blog today. And in my research on the history of Lent found out that many Christian denominations don't follow it, primarily for two reasons.

1. It's not in the Bible.
2. It was originally a Pagan holiday/idea.

I'm surprised at the latter since they most definitely celebrate Christmas and we all know that Christ wasn't born on Dec. 25th.

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