Monday, January 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday Movie: Julie and Julia & Boeuf Bourguignon

I saw this movie over my Christmas vacation. I loved it and was really intrigued with the idea of cooking your way through the Art of French Cooking. Of course, I have no plans to do such a thing, but since my mother and I made Boeuf Bourguignon last night. I felt it was only fair to post this movie as my Lazy Sunday Movie of the week.

Julie and Julia is a movie that follows the lives of two women. Surprisingly enough named Julie and Julia. Julia Child's life is discussed, how she lives in Paris, how she became a cook, how she wrote a cookbook about French cooking in English before anyone else. It also discusses her relationship with her husband and family.

The other story line is about Julie Powell. She's a writer, but hates her day job and is trying to find a hobby. So she decides to write a blog about her decision to cook her way through Julia Child's Art of French Cooking.

So now, here's a faux pic of what our Boeuf Bourguignon looked like. Faux because we didn't have a decent camera to take a pic of our wonderful meal!

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---Lea Elisabeth said...

aww, awesome! I loved this movie. I forced the ex-bf to see it with me, and I adored it. He wouldn't let me enjoy it in the theatre though.

This made me want to get cookbooks from different cultures: French, German, Italian, Japanese, ect.