Thursday, November 5, 2009

Challenge: Books to Read Before I Die 2010

I've decided to join in Bibliophile's Challenge Books to Read Before I Die.

Here are the guidelines for the challenge:

1. Between now and December 31, 2009, make a list of between 10 and 20 Books to Read Before You Die.
2. The books on your list can come from your stacks or the library, and be in print or audio format.
3. Once you've created your post with tentative titles, THEN sign up using Mr. Linky, by pasting the link to your post, along with your name/blog name. This is how you will be registered. Finalize your list by 12/31/09.
4. NOTE: If you don't have a blog, you can still sign up and join in the fun.
5. All bloggers who complete the challenge will be entered in giveaway to win an Amazon Gift Card.

My current list: (May change since I already started it.)
* The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Baum
* Fahrenheit 451 - Bradbury
*A Clockwork Orange - Burgess
* 1001 Arabian Nights - Burton
* Don Quixote - Cervantes
* The Complete Sherlock Holmes - Doyle
* The Count of Monte Cristo - Dumas
* The Man in the Iron Mask - Dumas
* 100 Years of Solitude - Garcia-Marquez
* The Secret Garden - Hodgson-Burnett
* The Shining - King Currently reading.
* The Bell Jar - Plath
* Catcher in the Rye - Salinger
* Treasure Island - Stevenson
* Dracula by Bram Stoker Finished. Blog post here.
* Gulliver’s Travels - Swift
* Walden Pond - Thoreau
* The Picture of Dorian Gray - Wilde Finished. Blog post here.

Some of these I read a looooooong time ago, or never finished before. I'm setting out to complete this entire list by Dec. 31, 2010.


Diane said...

So happy u r joining in. Isn't the Shining great? Loved the book, loved the movie too.

SpiritPhoenix said...

Thanks! Yeah I loved it. Read it a long time ago. And I liked the tv mini-series version of the Shining better than Kubrick's. More depth and truer to the book.

Jess - A Book Hoarder said...

Yay for this challenge. I am excited about it. You have a great list. I keep coming across books that I forgot to put on my The Boll Jar and 100 Years of Solitude. We will see if I can keep it under 20.

SpiritPhoenix said...

Jess - I agree this is a great challenge. I racked my brain to think of books. I may end up amending my list. Adding new ones and taking off ones I've completed.

Thanks for posting about it in the first place, or I might not have found it.

Rosemary Gunn said...

Interesting! Have fun, and happy reading!!

Domestic Witch said...

Love this! I may steal... ;)

Domestic Witch said...

BTW, loved Catcher in the Rye! Quick read too.

Domestic Witch said...

Ok, last one, I swear... The Shining is one of my top three favorite books!

SpiritPhoenix said...

Rosemary - I'll be adding your book here too. I've been meaning to read it.

Domestic Witch - 1. Feel free. It sure has jump started my reading list. 2. I'm sure after reading some of the longer books, I'll need a quick read. Thanks for the tip! 3. No worries, I love comments! Yeah, I read it a long time ago and loved it. Was freaked out of course, but loved it!

TeaTowelCreek said...

I loveeeee to read, one of my fav things to do. Right now I am reading Stephen Kings. " Rose Madder"...I am so into this book, it grabbed me from the getgo. I cant wait to finish it!! I read about Rosemary and Hey theres that rose again!!!