Thursday, November 20, 2014

First Up...Trusting My Intuition

Intuition for me is allowing myself to trust what my inner self is telling me. Now, I always try to listen to my "gut". But lately, it seems as if they want to talk more and more.

So, how to get out what they want to say?

I turn to tarot.

It's been awhile since I've read tarot, let alone regularly. Heck, I was decent enough to offer readings for donations for the 3-Day-Walk in 2010. After that, I promptly put them down and really haven't done much with them.

Now, there are a few ways to read tarot. You can go with the traditional meanings, you can go with what the pictures say, or you can see what pops into your minds eye based on the "energy" of the card. Or you can do a combination of all three.

I've done the first two options. And even combined those in the past. Heck I've even thrown in some elemental and zodiac-ical readings from the cards before.

But I've never really focused on the energy of the cards. What is the energy, or underlying theme of what the cards are saying. I'm trying to tap into my intution more with the cards.

And being who I am, I'm taking an online-do-it-at-my-own-pace 10 session class on reading intuitively.

After the first lesson, I'm excited to see what the next lessons will bring. And I'm a little surprised at both how easily the cards are coming back, but also how difficult intuitive readings can be.

The journey of accepting to listen to your intuition/inner self isn't necessarily an easy one.

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