Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paczki...No I didn't spell that wrong....

WOW! I figured I had definitely covered this topic before and just had to link to it. But apparently in year's past, I was overcome by sugar and just couldn't sit still long enough to write something.

This year, I guess I'll be smart and write it before I imbibe.

What am I talking about you ask? Why all the weird allusions?

As many may know, especially those Catholics among us, that today is Fat Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday/ AKA the first day of Lent) The parties from New Orleans might know this a Mardi Gras. And while they celebrate with booze, parades, masquerades, and debauchery....all quite fun, I'm sure. (No judgement here.) We in Michigan (and many other Mid-western states and cities) celebrate Fat Tuesday as Paczki Day.

This is the most awesomest of the food related holidays. Because we eat Paczki's on Paczki Day. And for those trying to say it in your head, the way I say it is "Poonch-key". Also acceptable is "Punch-key." They are the most awesome of filled doughnut-ish confections. They look like a jelly filled doughnut but they are denser due to the egg that is added to the dough. I like the lemon, apple or cream ones the best.

The way I heard it explained is that the Polish brought this celebration before Ash Wednesday with them when they settled here. (And we have a large Polish population in Hamtramck. "Ham-tram-ick" So large, that there are Polish restaurants where they speak Polish and English to serve their customers.

The reason behind the amazing awesomeness of the Paczki is that the devout were using up all the sugar in their house so they wouldn't be tempted to use it during Lent.

If you are enjoying the 2000 calorie treat today, HURRAH to you! Otherwise, (if you still can, *giggle*) have a wonderful day! 

Click to find all the fun things going on near D-Town today and an interview with a Polish Bakery.

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mxtodis123 said...

They sure do look good. We celebrated 'Fat Tuesday' at the Senior Center today, and now I understand why they cooked us such a feast. The meal ended with cream puffs. Oh, how yummy.

Enjoy your feast. Mmm, and I would love a recipe for these donuts.