Monday, March 24, 2014

Knitting Mondays: Hitchhiker in Pink Orchard

Ok everyone, I know these titles may sound like odd word mash. But it will make sense. I promise.

The first the Hitchhiker. This is a gorgeous shawl(ette) scarf. Whatever you decide to use it as. It ends up as a triangular piece of fabric with 42 "teeth" on it. Just go look at the pic and you'll see what I mean.

42. Anybody? Get it?

If not read through the pattern description and you will find out why 42. And shame on you, you should already know. LOL

The second, Pink Orchard. This (fingering weight AKA: sock weight) is a bright shade of green, pink and white. Seriously, it looks like the dyer (Toil and Trouble on etsy) took a few highlighters and colored it.

Am I right? Well, here's what it looks like so far.

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