Monday, March 17, 2014

Knit Mondays - Where It All Begins... Well Continues...

I figure since knitting has become such a big thing for me instead of filling up every Weekly Obsession with it, I might as well give it it's own day.

So for those of you not on Ravelry. If you are a Hooker or Pickers (and Throwers too) (those are knitting nicknames for people based on how they hold their yarn. Yes, there are two. And I am a Picker.) and you aren't on Ravelry. Go now. You will thank me! Free patterns, a library, a place to post pictures of your stash so you always know just what you have. Plus there's forum central for everything from Swaps, Dr. Who, Downton Abbey to just local groups. It's a Yarn Haven for us!

Anywho, some of my latest creations.

The Wildflower Crown: my mom actually had the crocheted flowers. I just sewed them onto the crown.And yes, I will wear this for Beltaine.

A Simple Little Purse I made to learn how to Double Knit. I have the ultimate Double Knit project in mind. But I will have to get infinitely better before I make it. 

A baby blanket for Eleanor. She was born on the 11th. I'm further along than this picture shows. I thought it was a good color for a little girl.

So does anyone here, crochet or knit? 

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