Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekly Obsession: Shaving Oil and Razor Blades

Here I go again with something most people are like? WTF? Really, you're obsessing over razors and shaving?

Yes. Yes, I am!

The Hubs found out about these awesome razors from a friend of his. Granted his friend recommended the razors for guys. But I found the women's 6 blade razor on there. Now, to be fair, I was kinda suspicious.

How are they so cheap? This has 8 blade cartridges and the "holder thingy" (I have no idea what it's really called.) for almost $16?!?!?!?!

Well, we tried them and I don't know about the Hubs, but I LOVE mine!!!

Now, I don't feel bad about getting a replacement cartridge as soon as it starts to get dull just because I don't want to waste the money.

And the best part............

Are you ready for it?!?!?!?

Is that the blades cartridge bends in the middle. WTF!?!?! Why has no one thought of this before now?

Yes, it's essentially 2 three blade razors fused together, but still bendable. A bit confusing to explain, but just look at this picture and you can kinda tell.

Makes it easier to go around knees, ankles, etc. GENIUS!!!!!!

Now what blog post about shaving would be complete without a mention of the shaving cream? Well, this one, since I'm going to talk about shaving oil instead of cream.

Oil you say?!?!?

Yes, oil.

Somersets Shaving Oil has apparently been making shaving oil for quite some time. I ordered a bottle of this for me a little over a year ago, and it's still not even a fifth used.

Yes, exactly.

Now, you don't need a whole lot. I use about 10 drops or so.

NOTE:  it works better if you have already dampened your skin with warm water. It helps the oil spread easier rather than soaking into your skin.

Also, just to let you know, it does have a strong smell, the essential oils are a bit pungent first thing in the morning. Luckily, I don't mind it.

And they now have an extra delicate version for women as well for the bikini line since the oil may be a bit too much for those delicate areas.

Another great thing is that the oil, not only lubricates the leg, but it lubricates the oil making the blade cut closer and last longer!!!!! Double win for the razors!!!

The Hubs really likes the after shave lotion. But he doesn't use the shaving oil so when mine runs out, I'll just use his.

And get looks like Walgreens sells Somerset's now too.

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