Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekly Obsession: Planners

This week, since it's back to school madness EVERYWHERE I decided to go with one of my favorite back to school traditions.


I am very old/new school when it comes to planners. I do use my calendar on my iPhone, however, there's something to be said for the old fashioned textile feeling of having a paper planner.

I've used everything from a Franklin Covey daily planner, to a Moleskine, to a MomAgenda, even a Walgreen's photo one. And I have to say I've found I am somewhat particular when it comes to planners. My latest planner is from Target. Just a green fabric covered one from I doctored the cover by adding my sorority letters on the front. A decal I got from Convention. Woohoo!!!!

Anyway, this is what I've found over the years.

I like:
  • a monthly view. This just helps to keep everything in perspective.
  • a weekly format. Here is where I get into the specifics for everything. Daily planners have too much paper!
  • a note section. Never know when you're going to need to jot something down.
  • monthly tabs. I have inserted my own when necessary.
  • current week tab. Again, DIY when needed.
  • Wire ring. This seems to hold up the best. And more importantly, it lays flat!!!!
  • Hardcover. Again, seems to hold up better than softcover.
  • Elastic closure. Nice to have, but not always necessary.
  • Front and back cover slip pockets. I DIY this yet again when it isn't there. 
  • No larger than a 5x8. The larger ones have just too much room, and are too much to lug around all year. 
Additional things I like to do...

  • Different color ink for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 
  • Small event notes, sometimes just a time and a code on the monthly to get the big picture. 
  • Sticky notes. Things are always changing, it's nice to have things on post-its to change around or remind me of something.
What do you like? Are you strictly a google calendar type of person, just a planner, what? 


Shirley said...

I use Awesome Calendar app on my phone and the MomAgenda spiral mini. I hate how expensive they are but I have yet to find a better format for my family.

Dawn Marie Howard said...

I do both! Ed and I have a sync'ed account on our phones for events, appts, etc. But for daily stuff and routines I use a printable planner page.