Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekly Obession: Eos Lip Balm

So for my second installment of my Weekly Obsession, we have Eos Lip Balm.

I'm sure you've seen these awesomely adorable lip balm spheres.

I saw them, and wondered about how you could use them. See, I really hate lip balms that are in a pot where you  need your fingers or a lip brush for a few reasons.

1. I don't like having product on my finger.
2. It's not really sanitary to use your hands.
3. I don't always have a lip brush handy.
4. It's a pain in the ass to clean the brush afterwards.

So, once I saw that the product bumps outwards, I decided to try it.

I have the Honeysuckle/Honeydew (Green), Lemon Drop (Yellow), Raspberry Pomegranate (Dark Magenta) and the Summer Fruit (Red).

I don't know why they look like eggs here. 

I love these for so many reasons. Mainly:

* They are 95% organic
* 100% Natural
* Cruelty free
* Amazing flavor
* Wonderful coverage
* Paraben, gluten, petrolatum, and  phthalate free.

And not necessarily in that order.

I do have to admit that I prefer the flavor of Summer Fruit, it's got a peach flavor, so I use that before bed. The Honeydew is nice, but I use that more for under my lip glosses where I'm less likely to taste it. I was really excited to try the Lemon Drop one since I love most things Lemon. But with it being the only SPF 15 one, I can smell that in it, and that's the turn off for me, the flavor itself is more of a lemon cookie flavor. The Raspberry Pomegranate, is the most mild in flavor and scent. In fact, I don't think it has a flavor at all.

All in all, it's a great product, but the particular flavors/smells can be off putting. So make sure to keep that in mind.

*****NOTE: All products were purchased by me and are my own opinions of what I have experienced.*****

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Smart Ass Sara said...

I love these!! I have a bunch rolling around in my purse. There was a mint one when they first came out and that was my favorite. I really like mint chapstick, but summer fruit is my next favorite.