Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekly Obsession: Alex and Ani Bangles

I've decided to do a weekly post on something/idea/place/etc. that I'm obsessing about. Let me know what you think. I'd love feedback, and suggestions on things.

This week, Alex and Ani bangle bracelets.

I hadn't heard of these until I was at Convention. Apparently, they are all the rage on the East Coast and you can get them at "Bloomie's". The only problem is that here in Michigan, we don't have Bloomingdales. Luckily though, I was able to find a store in the area that sells them.

I purchased their "Completely Blessed" and "Path of Life" bangles. I can't wait to add to my collection. I'd love to get "What's for you will not pass you" and have Hubs give me "Because I Love You". I'd really like to see what Angel Baby would come up with if given the option.

There are a number of great things about this company. Not only are their products made in the USA. But they are made from recycled metals. And the company focuses on positivity. And who doesn't need more of that?!?!?!

Their blog posts are amazingly positive...and they'll post to your Facebook wall if you "Like" Alex and Ani's Facebook page.

This product was purchased by me, and my opinions are solely based on my experience. 

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Smart Ass Sara said...

I love that bottom picture with them all stacked up. I'd wear them all stacked up like that- gorgeous!!