Wednesday, July 17, 2013


So the other day, I decided to take Angel Baby to see Despicable Me 2 in 3D. It was after work/pre-school. So I rushed around, got us some food, and got there in time. We bought our tickets for the 6:15 show, got our concessions and headed into the theater for our movie to start in 10 min. Perfect, right?!?!?


6:15 came and went with nothing. So we packed up, went and found the Customer Service desk and asked what was up. The employee (with the fancy sports jacket and name tag) went to check on things. Turns out, the 3D theater wasn't working and had been serviced all day.


1. It's been out all day, and yet you can still buy tickets?

2. You're in charge, how do you not know this?

So we decide we still want to see it even in 2D. We get our tickets switched over and he refunds me the difference. Now we have a 20 minutes before we can even sit down in the new theater. Luckily, Angel Baby is just so tickled to be out with Mommy by herself she's dancing and having a grand time. Whew! We finally get to our seats and the movie starts.

All is good, right?!?!?!


An hour into the movie, it clicks off. Nothing. So we're all sitting there and an usher comes in and says, "We're working on getting the movie back up, it'll be a few minutes."

Whatever, I'm starting to realize this movie theater sucks ass and that I'm never coming back.

Again Miss Usher shows up and says, "It'll be a few more minutes."

After another two "Few more minutes" Angel Baby asks if we can leave. Well, since it's now 8:30, we've been here for 2.5 hours and we're not sure when it's going to start.....yes...we can leave.

On our way out, we meet 2nd fancy person in a Sports Jacket with name tag. She asks if we're leaving from Despicable Me 2? Yes.

"I'm on my way in there now to offer free passes to everyone for the inconvenience. And how many are in my party?"

I told her that this was by far the most horrible movie experience I had ever had and that I was never coming back again.

"We had a power outage, and for some reason this movie doesn't want to start back up."

I informed her of my first situation, and then that fact that I didn't need to have someone keep coming in and say some random, "Few minutes". She seemed surprised about the 3D thing, (yet again, no one talking to anyone else).

***Side note: Is is just me, or wouldn't it have been better if Miss Usher had said, "We've had a power outage and are working on the situation, we will keep you informed of our progress."****

She asked me again, if I wanted free passes.

Nope. Not a chance. Why would I want to come back here to be subjected to horrible service?!?!?!?

And the only reason I didn't ask for a refund is because I had free passes to being with.

Angel Baby and I will try again this weekend to see it in 3D. I will make it right to her.

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