Friday, January 27, 2012

Updates and Idiots

I've been meaning to get back on here and post something. We moved from a laptop to the iPad and it's sometimes a little difficult to the on a screen. I'm getting better, but if you see major glaring typos that's why.

I think my life is finally getting back to normal. We had Squeaker in Sept. and it's been one thing after another since then. We had Halloween/ Samhain. Then Thanksgiving, Yule, and Christmas. Plus two really bad colds/ flus that ripped through our house. Now the Hubs is doing inventory at work. So after this weekend, everything should be finished and we can go about life as usual. Just with an added bundle of joy.

Luckily, I haven't had anymore issues with the Angel Baby and her potty training. And she's getting more used to having Squeaker around. He's discovered his tounge. It's quite cute actually. He will be chewing on his fists and suddenly he's holding his tounge with his fingers. So hilarious.

Not much new to report, really.

Except a funny / really? type of scenario that happened at work the other day.

So I work at a university. In an all graduate department. So we're not talking about some 18 year old idiot here. This idiot was at least 23 or so. Still an idiot age to many of us, granted.

Anywho, we've been offering more and more online courses. And of course, they fill up super fast. Like within a week of registration opening. This idiot decides at the last minute that he needs to get into a full online course. Now in this situation, we always refer the student to the professor. If the prof is willing to give you an override, we'll put you in. Keep in mind that it's already two weeks into the semester as well.

So this student comes to the professor teaching the course and says "I need you to drop someone from the course and put me in the class. Because I have a job and need the course for my position."



You have the balls to ask that the professor kick someone else out of the course. Someone that registered with enough time to get into the course. But because you have a job that somehow makes you better than them and therefore you deserve to get in the course.


The correct route would have been to just ask if the professor would allow you in the course and then give your reasoning.

I was very happy that the prof laughed at the request. Granted it was over email so the poor delusional individual was unable to see just how idiotic his request really was.

You know, just because you're the center of your Mommy and Daddy's universe doesn't mean that you are at the center of everyone's.


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Smart Ass Sara said...

Oh, I see that kind of stuff all the time at the college work at. :) The BEST is when they come to get their books and are appalled they have to buy them. All on their own.

It's like seeing them bitch slapped by reality in slow motion.