Monday, January 9, 2012

The Day from Hell


If you can't handle stories involving little children and their issues with potty training. Or stories about cleaning up bodily fluids. Don't read any further.



Last Saturday turned into the day from hell. It started off like any other day. And seemed to be one of the better days as of late. Until we got home after dance class.

Angel Baby fell asleep in the car. It happens all the time. No worries, I scooped her up, and plopped her into her own bed. She's done this many, many times before. Well, she comes downstairs about a half an hour later with an armful of clothes.

Now my little Angel Baby has turned into quite the fashionista. She will change clothes about thirty times a day if you let her. So I again, didn't think anything fond it. Until she dropped the bomb on me.

"I pooped in my pants."

Now she's learning and she still has accidents from time to time. I'm still not overly worried. We'll just clean her up and go forward.

Now I offer her lunch and tell her that she has to have a nap. So after lunch we're going to have a nap. No worries.

I get her into bed, read her a pre-nap story, ask if she has to use the bathroom, (no she doesn't), and I proceed downstairs with the Squeaker to nurse him.

I hear her rustling around upstairs. And I start to smell something horrible.

I put Squeaker aside, luckily he's now passed out in a food coma, and head upstairs.

Oh. My. God. Of all that is Holy.

My lovely little Angel Baby has pooped her pants again. And this time she tried to clean up. I know I should praise her for being Little Miss Independent. But when you come into a bathroom with shit smeared all over her, her clothes, the floor AND the walls. It's very difficult not to lose your mind.

I managed to clean her and the bathroom up. And I was very proud of myself. I didn't raise my voice. But oh my, did it take work. After getting her cleaned up. Again. We headed downstairs. She proceeded to fill her pants a few more times. She also smeared poo on the walls again. This time I caught her before she coated the entire bathroom.

And my little Angel also told me that I had to clean up her toys, not her.

Again, patience tried. And won. Whew, I'm doing well here.

She is now upstairs, hopefully passed out by now. And all I can say is, thank God, the day is almost over!!!

I think I deserve a medal for this.

*Note: I realize that she was probably not feeling very well, which probably played a big part in me not losing my cool.


Cauldron Keeper said...

I've been in your shoes twice. My best advice for upset tummies and the potty training years- thin panty liners which will take care of the worst of the mess without reverting back to diapers. Hang in there and congratulations for not blowing a mental gasket.

Dirgesinger said...

A medal for you from me! We are heading towards this scenario for Wee Vampire is turning 16 months old soon. Shall I prepare?:)

Luna said...

Big Kudos to you Momma for staying cool....but damn them kids, the stuff they do will try your patience for sure...