Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Joys of Laryngitis

Yes, my friends. I have developed laryngitis from this nasty fucking cold. The joys are numerous. To name a few:

* My 2 year old daughter doesn't acknowledge my flailing arms when I'm trying to get her attention. I've reverted to clapping, stomping and slapping walls like a crazy person. And then the only one who comes running, is my husband, who thinks I've had some odd accident.

* Random people whisper back to me. Thinking it's a conspiratorial game of sorts.

* My Mother hangs up on me, thinking my voice issue is due to bad reception. I have to call her back and say, "My voice sucks, don't hang up." really fast, hoping she'll hear and understand me.

* When going to order lunch yesterday, I think. Oh, crap. How can I get food? I have to pathetically ask a (very sweet) co-worker to order my lunch for me.


Luna said...

I hope you feel better soon :( being sick sucks major ass....

Anonymous said...

I started losing my voice mid-December. The Husband was joking (I think he was serious, but the joking this was a cover) that everyone should keep hoping that I lose it for a couple of weeks so they would all be spared.


Lis said...

I dunno about you, but with a hubby and a kiddo around I bet you don't get that much quiet. Why not enjoy the fact that you need to keep relatively silent?
Okay, I know it's frustrating, so nevermind!

Domestic Witch said...

You won a giveaway!

sorry your still sick hon.

The Blue Faerie said...

But their are such plus sides to each of these!
1. Perfect opportunity to teach your daughter sign language.
2. It is a conspiracy. And right when those people least expect it the government will leap out at them from behind a corner.
3. You can give me your laryngitis. Seriously. I love my mom but I pray for the day that she will hang up on me.
4. Opportunity to make new friends at work, and go on lunch outings when you get your voice back. :) (Didn't think I'd actually come up with a viable positive thing, did you? :P)

Feel better!

Laryngitis said...

Just stand still and less narration, even whispering, laryngitis will pass for 2-3 days. Also, drink plenty of fluids, throat should not be dry. Good luck.