Thursday, September 30, 2010

Surprise Blog Birthday Giveaway

So, it's been one year since I started this blog. It's been a little hit or miss lately, but I've really enjoyed my little corner of the blogosphere. It's interesting to look back over the year to see what I was dealing with, worrying about, or enjoying 365+ days ago.

Of course, I'm still enjoying being a Mommy! My little angel is the light of my life. Everyday with her is a beautiful day! And I swear I can't have a day where I don't hear her laugh. Happiness!

The Hubs and I are in a wonderful spot right now. Enjoying each other's presence and really sharing our life together! Talking and having deep conversations! He really is like a cuddly blanket. Comforting, protecting, and perfect!

In the interest of sharing my wonderful blog birthday, I thought I'd have a Surprise Birthday Giveaway! And the winner....drum roll from Moontides and 7 other blogs! This woman is such a blog superpower. She keeps up 8 blogs and each one has it's own theme. Definitely check her out. She is a wealth of knowledge. And you may remember she is the only interviewee that I've had. You can check out our interview here.

You may be asking yourself, "Hmmmm, why did Mary win? Well, I compiled all the comments my lovely readers have sent for the last year and Mary had the most comments. Therefore, I decided to show a little love to the one who's shared the most love with me this year.

I will post what I've sent her after she's gotten it. After all what's a surprise if you give it away.

Hope you are all doing well! I know, I've enjoyed reading all your wonderful posts for the last year!

Here's to many more years together!



Mother's Moon's Message said...

I could not agree more with your choice... I am amazed at the manner in which mary is able to keep up all her blogs. Overflowing with information and yes she is always mindful to leave a kind word.

Congrats Mary... it could not have gone to a more deserving person... blessings to you... enjoy your surprise...

mxtodis123 said...

I thank you so much for choosing me, and thank you for your kind words. It was such a pleasant surprise. You've made my day.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I come by way of Mary's Moontide blog...and I so agree with you that she is deserving of your award! She's a Gentle Spirit with a Huge Heart and chock full of Wisdom too!

I love what I see here too, in your blogsite! :)

Many Blessings to You and Mary!