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A Chat with Mary of "An Inner Journey: The Moon, Mythology and You"

Here's my first interview of a fellow blogger. Mary from "An Inner Journey: The Moon, Mythology and You" is here for a quick chat.
I'm a 62 year young crone. I was born in the beautiful countryside, but have been living in the city for 30 odd years now. I've spent much of my life in search of a path that I could feel comfortable with. It wasn't until I began working on my family tree that I discovered my Celtic background. I I've got about 4,000 ancestors on my tree--from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Britain, Germany, and Cornwall. I have studied to become a Bard through the New Order of Druids. I'm also an astrologer, have worked with numerology, enjoy mythology, psychology, sociology.
Your profile says that you have been searching for years for a path you feel comfortable with and found that you have a strong Celtic background. Is the Celtic path the path you finally feel comfortable with? If so, why?

Yes, it is the Celtic path. I've been into Rosicrucianism, Wicca, Golden Dawn, became an ordained Interfaith minister, gone to Mosques, Catholic Churches, Christian Churches of all kinds, but was never able to find a place where I felt I belonged until I stumbled on my Celtic line. I feel such an unexplainable closeness and felt as if I was being welcomed into a long line of family ancestral lines.

Wow! You have had a long spiritual path haven't you! I understand about feeling the familial ties. I have a strong Scottish background and though I changed my name when I got married, I still love the fact that I have a Tartan. It's actually been something that I could discuss with my father when we weren't all that close. (It's much better now.)

Your profile also says that you’ve studied to be a bard. What exactly is a bard?

In bygone days, there were Bards, Ovates, and Druids. The Bards were the keepers of the tradition. They had to memorize everything because nothing was put on paper. So, they were the ones who passed down all the genealogies and the mythologies. The Ovates were the ones who were responsible for knowing the mysteries of life and death and rebirth; they were the diviners and those who conversed with the ancestors who had passed on to the Otherworld. The Druids were the highest level. They usually worked very close with the king and had the main say about the laws and regulations. They were known to walk into the midst of a battle and stop it just like that. Today, there is not such a dividing line between the three. In the Bardic section I worked a lot with the mythologies of the Celts and communing with nature. In the Ovate course, we continue to work with nature, but are learning more about the psychology of the myth and archetypes.

So your studies to be a bard and Ovate and possibly a Druid are part of your Celtic path now?


You recently posted on your blog about your Croning Ceremony. What’s been the most interesting part of accepting your cronehood?

I'd say learning how to rely on my own wisdom, mentoring others who come to me for advise. I've also become more accepting of the life cycle.

You said in a comment on my page that “learning to like myself and becoming comfortable spending time by myself has helped me to become happier and more content.

There was time when I 'never' wanted to be alone, always had to have someone with me, but I now cherish my alone time.” How long did it take you to accept this? Oh, gosh, it seems like it took me forever.. I grew up in an alcoholic family and a sense of abandonment because I felt my parents weren't there for me. I grew up co-dependent, always latching onto the wrong relationships...went through 4 marriages and I became the caretaker of them all (2 alcoholics, a sex addict, and an abuser).. Then, when I met my current hubbie I latched onto him and wouldn't let go. I needed him home with me all the time, and when he did go out, the jealousies kicked in. I almost destroyed this relationship, but something inside me told me to get help and I went into counseling. That's was 18 years ago. And we've been together ever since. Today I look forward to having the house to myself.

Congratulations on facing your demons! It takes a lot of work to deal with issues that we have. (I've had some counseling myself.) And hey, by facing them, you've reaped such a long lasting relationship! I hope one day to say that I've been married 18 years...or more. ;)

What ignites your spirit?

Living, life, the world. The beauty in my surroundings because even here in the city, there is a beauty and a sense of mystery and awe...a sense of wonder if you dig deep enough. I agree. There is an amazing world out there. The part we see and the part that if you look a little closer, you can see all it's splendor.

Thanks to Mary for chatting with me. Please go check out her blog and get to know her if you don't already. She's got a ton of information and tips there.

As always, if anyone else would like to be interviewed, just let me know.

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