Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh. My. God. When will it end?!?!?!?

Hello Blogosphere - land,

Yes, I am alive. I was able to successfully beat the sniffly, sneezy cold that my daughter ever so graciously gave me. Of course, she had it for an afternoon, while I selfishly held on to the virus for about 2 weeks. Silly me.

Anywho, I get over the icky cold and then classes start. Yes, for those that don't know I work at a university. So, needless to say Fall semester is insanity in its purest form. People that didn't register back in March want to get into a class that has been closed for months. People that didn't think ahead and decided to apply two days before classes start, one of those days is a holiday mind you, and they want you to work miracles and not only process all their materials, admit them, register them, and quite possibly take all their classes for them. No I'm kidding, but only on the last part. People, if you decide to go to college, please keep in mind that there are many people that have to view your materials. We are not instant coffee. And by no means, are we going to help move your materials along if you berate, scream or treat us as though we are out to get you. "You get more bees with honey."

So, I had a very insane day before classes started, huge conference that I had to help out at, a student employment fair that I needed to be at as well, and get all my usual work done. All of that, and I made it out of the office and into my car right at 5pm. Woohoo!!! Got home at 5:30. Even more of a woohoo!

I decided to take an early shower and work on some stuff from the office after the wee one went to bed at 8. Plus, I knew my in-laws wouldn't be over for another half hour or more to drop the little bundle of joy off. So, I'm golden. I throw dinner into the oven, run upstairs, shower, dress and head back downstairs just as my phone rings.

It's my in-laws. The Wee One has something not quite right on her bottom. But don't freak out, it's something that should be looked at, but don't freak out.

So, they get to my place. I look at it. It's definitely something that needs to be looked at. I don't freak, but we take the Munchkin to the Urgent Care like 2 miles from our house.

They say it's an abcess, nothing they can do except give her a shot of antibiotics and a prescription. Plus tell me to schedule an appointment with her doctor for the following morning.

Great, insanity at work and I have to take a day off. Okay, anything for the Wee One, but I'm sure not looking forward to the plethora of things building up. So, we get an appointment with her doc. He says, let me give you a different prescription and you need to go see Pediatric Surgery to have this taken care of. So, I call Ped. Surgery. They don't do abcesses. I have to go to Ped ER. Okay, fine. I go, they say yep, it's an abcess and it's more than likely MRSA. Oh my god, I'm going to lose my shit here.

So, they operate, give me yet a third prescription for something stronger than the others, and send us on our way home. Mind you we have to come back on Thursday morning to have her IV taken out, (since they wanted to give her another dose of the antibiotic via IV in the morning as well as check on her.) So, this antibiotic I have to give is every 8 hours. No biggie I thought, yeah, it is a big deal when you have to get up at 2:30am to shake this crap, dose it out, get a new dressing ready, grab 2 drinks (one she likes to negate the icky medicine taste, the other water to rinse her mouth from the first one.) and a diaper. Then go up, wake up the Hubs, wrangle the Wee One into letting us give her the medicine, take of her diaper, clean her, take off the dressing, let the area dry, replace the dressing and put her diaper and pj's back on. Ugh.

So luckily the Hubs, was off Thursday. So he takes her back to the ER and I meet them (took a few hours off.) They ask me to follow up with the doc on Sat. morning, give her another dose of antibiotic, remove the IV and send us on our way.

Friday, I have to stay with her since no one is going to be able to wrangle her like Mommy and ask my Wonderful Sister-In-Law to come and help me. Then, call the Doc's to get her in on Sat. All good.

Saturday, I go in with her and the Hubs. Doc says it's healing nicely, and that unless things start to backslide, he won't need to see her again. AWESOME!!!!!

And then it's pretty quiet until Tuesday. I got the lab test results back. It was Staph, but luckily not MRSA. However, they said that it was good that she was on the last prescribed medicine since the other two wouldn't have worked.

Needless to say, it's been a crazy time trying to get back into the swing of things at work. But hopefully all of this is done for a while.

And then she woke up yesterday sneezing and with a runny nose.

Goddess help me!!!!!!

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Joy said...

OMG! Insanity! Glad she pulled through it all and cheers and tickertape to the mommy of the year!