Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mustachioed Fun

So Amber over at Chronicles of Amber, sent me a mustache in my Halloween Swap box. Yes I know I've mentioned her in my last post. She's awesome. If you didn't already know that. And I promised her a pic of me in all my mustachioed glory. So for everyone in my corner of the blogosphere...

Now that I've thoroughly made an idiot of myself. Here's to a Fun and Silly Pre-Halloween/Samhain week.

Let's see some costumes posted. What are you going as? Me? I'm a Fall Fairy or a Greek Goddess. It'll depend on the weather here in MI. I'll post pics of Angel Baby and Squeaker after Halloween. But they're going as a Queen and Yoda.

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Anonymous said...


Those are two of the cutest pics ever!! Totally snagging those to put on my blog to go with another one of me in da mustache.....

:{) <---------mustache smiley