Monday, October 1, 2012

Crazy Wonderful Weekend

So this weekend left me exhausted and happy. Which I guess, is better than just exhausted.

I helped out my chapter, as you can see from my previous post. They got some great women at the end of everything. But I had to tap out early on Saturday morning. Yes, Saturday morning. 1:45am to be exact. The poor women probably had another two hours or so left. Ugh. But I think I may have thought of some little things to help streamline the process for next year!!! YAY!!!

Then to Angel's dance class at 10am. (A very worn out Momma here.) Then back home, grab all our stuff for the afternoon and night, and the dog. Then up to my Mom and Step-dad's for my brother's Wedding reception.

I was so excited to see my bro and my new sis-in-law!!! She's an amazing woman and I think they are going to make each other incredibly happy. (And I think they're going to start trying for a little one sooner, rather than later!!! Yay! More family babies, that I don't have to have!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Then home yesterday afternoon, for football and more sorority stuff. Wow, who'd have though advising would take up so much time. Luckily, the major amount of time, should be on the downswing. At least until elections in December.

So how was your weekend?


Amber said...

Glad to see you blogging again....I didn't make many comments before, but I am really getting better about blogging and commenting on blogs to show some love.

Oh, and guess WHO I got in the Halloweenie Swap?? :) I am so excited about that and was tickled pink to see you were doing the swap too!!

SpiritPhoenix said...

Thanks! It's good to be blogging again. I forgot how cathartic it is to get things out.

I know! I got someone special in the Swap too. ;)