Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lazy Sunday Movie: Super Bowl

Ok so it's not a movie. I just love the Super Bowl! I love the atmosphere, the friends and family, the commercials, the game ( if it's close, or I've got squares) and sometimes the half-time show. Though, I'm not a big Madonna fan.

Last year's half-time show proved to me that Angel Baby needed to get into dance ASAP. She kept doing all the moves the Black-Eyed Peas were doing, just a second or two behind.

This year, we're going to my Sister-in-Law's for their Soul-per Bowl. They have "Soul" food instead of just the usual SB game fare.

So here's to a fun and relaxing afternoon for all of you. And keep an eye out for the Matthew Broderick Honda and the Dogs Barking the Vader theme for Volkswagon commercials. (I love the AT-AT at the end.) I also am hoping for a good Budwiser Clydesdale horse commercial...and the E-Trade Baby...and....

Yeah, I'm just a bit obsessed.

May whichever team you are rooting for win! And if any of you have squares, may your numbers pay off BIG!

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