Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

So what are you thankful for this year?

I asked myself that question today. Hmmm. Well, of course, there's my husband, daughter and extended family, the friends that I've gotten closer to, old friends that I've reconnected with. Of course, there's always the family and friends that pop in my head when I say this. But what else? Anything?

What am I thankful for?

I'm very happy that the Hubs and I are both employed.

That I've decided to put myself more in the fore-front. And I don't mean selfishly. I mean, I did the 3-Day walk this year. I trained, fundraised, and dealt with blisters. But I gained so much. I learned how much strength I really had. I pushed myself to walk every single step. And I did it.

I've recently started on a new spiritual path. Not exactly new, more of a more structured path than I was on before. It's refreshing to have people to talk to about my faith on a weekly basis. Plus I'm thankful that I have an understanding husband. And we can discuss our different faiths, and come to an understanding that we are both on different paths, but going in the same direction.

I'm thankful for the Holiday Season this year.

I usually wait until the week or two before Christmas before I even start to shop. But this year, I've already gotten quite a head start on it. And I'm the one putting Holiday music on in the car. Rather than running screaming from it (remnants of my time in retail).

I'm thankful that I have such a blessed and full life.

I can say that this year and truly mean it!

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mxtodis123 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. There is much to be grateful for this year. Thanks for being a friend.