Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family and the Holidays

Luckily, I've gotten past some of the typical fights, snits, and drama that can occur during the Holidays. But if you haven't had that fortune yet. You might want to check out a great article on Shine.

Essentially, it's how to avoid the holiday family fights. Specifically, how to handle the following types of people:

The "Constructive" Criticizer
The Slacker
The Cheerleader
The Exaggerator
The Martyr
The Passive-Aggressor
The Over-Sharer
The Whiner
The Bully
The Busybody
The Pontificator
The Gossip
The Emotional Wreck
The Grinch
The Drunk Uncle

This is obviously hilarious. But it does have some helpful tips. And please, people, avoid being any one of these. ;)

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mxtodis123 said...

Ah, the family roles. I came from a small family so didn't have to deal with so much, but I most certainly can identify with a few of these party poopers.