Thursday, July 8, 2010


It's been a hot few days.
Lately you can find me:

Walking. Man oh man it sucks walking in this heat. But who knows what the weather will be like in August, so it has to be done.

Drawing. With sidewalk chalk. The Wee One's newest and most favorite thing to do. She will get the chalk bucket and try to open the door to go out to draw. So cute.
Reading. Finally read The Girl who Chased the Moon. Great read. Really. If you haven't read it. Go immediately to your local library or bookstore and pick it up. Now. Go.

For those of you left. I've also been going to all sorts of family affairs. In fact, my Mom and Step-pop threw my Step-bro and I a surprise birthday party. (Our birthday's are 6 weeks apart.) Though it took me like 3 hours into the party to realize that it was, in fact, a surprise birthday party.

Cut me some slack though.
1. My parent's throw a big party at least once a year already. And they told me it was a summer party.
2. They didn't say "Surprise".
3. It was 2 months past my birthday.

Other than that, not much else is happening. Hope you are all staying cool and enjoying your summer.

Catch ya on the flipside.


Smart Ass Sara said...

We used to play chalk a LOT until Jackson started eating it. I don't know about you- but pink poop at 6am just doesn't do it for me.

My reading list is continually growing...but I'm adding this one to it. ;)

mxtodis123 said...

Sounds like a fun book. I put it on my B & N wish list.