Thursday, June 11, 2015

Learn from Every Situation

I'm trying to learn from everything right now. I'm dealing with a poopy situation at work and I'm struggling with this concept. What am I supposed to take from this? I'm going through a tough time with my Daughter and her "feeling all the feels." I'm approaching a new path on my spiritual journey. But everything is intertwined. It all adds to the same lessons. Spiritual and Mundane aren't specifically separate. There is always overlap and movement.

I know that difficulties lie in every situation. But I have to have faith that there is something to learn.

Every step gets me closer. Every situation teaches.

I find I keep sighing. Not in dismay, or disgust. More trying to steady myself and keep moving step by step. Taking in as much as possible.

I think it's time I start journaling in a stream of conciousness type of way again. Just open up and write, write, write. Don't even think. Just spit out. It might get it out of me. Or maybe Automatic writing will occur. Regardless, something has to come out eventually.


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