Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Squeaker!!!

My little man is 2 today!!! How amazing/mind blowing is that?!?!?!

Little man, two years ago today, you made your presence known.

On Sept. 17th, 2011, I started having contractions. Nothing like the crazy pains your sister gave me. Just a hey, I'm thinking of coming. Then on the way to the hospital they stopped. Once we got there they checked us out and said, yeah, go ahead and head home.

I get home and have a roll, why I did this, I don't know. (I should have learned from your sister's birth not to eat when they send you home.) So, I get all ready for bed, lay down at 2am and thought, hmmmm, today might be the big day.

Well, you must have heard me. Because a few moments later, I felt a tightening and then a loosening (like a rubber band snapping) and realized that you were bound and determined to come today.

After finally getting through to the doctor on call, (an hour and a half later, though to be fair he was in a C-section the entire time) we headed back to the hospital.

You were moving around, but you weren't in any sort of hurry. You knew that someone will come get me. No worries.

Well, after a few hours of monitoring and waiting for my stomach to break down the roll I ate a 1am. They hooked me up to the epidural.

Apparently, I thought this was hilarious, because I started laughing hysterically, I mean huge tears are running down my face. The nurses and doctors were a bit surprised. The anesthesiologist said "I swear I didn't put anything funny in there!" Poor Daddy, thought I was screaming until someone flapped the door open and he realized I was laughing.

After strapping me down on the table like Jesus, they got to work. A few minutes later we had a beautiful strawberry blond, blue eyed little man. 9.3lbs. 21 inches.

The funny thing was, the doc said that when she got to you, you just raised your hand like, "Hey, come get me, I'm hear and ready."

Funny thing is, you are just the same. You still would rather someone do something for you. Instead of walking you demanded that someone carry you. Even now, sometimes you will stand and wait for someone to carry you instead of walking.

But you are my snuggly little man and I am so lucky to be your Mom!


Smart Ass Sara said...

Good lord- he's getting so big!! And isn't it so fun to have a boy? I feel like my Jackson is far more cuddly than Olivia ever was. And maybe it's because boys just like being cuddled more or something. I don't know, but with Jackson being 5, I'm thinking our cuddling days are coming to an end since he's too cool to let me hug him before school. *sigh*

SpiritPhoenix said...

Yes. On both big and fun! LOL!!!

I love his cuddles, and he does like to snuggle more than Angel Baby. But when he's done, he's DONE! Who cares if Mommy wants more.