Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Salty Language Podcast

5. Douchebag / Hoe-bag
4. Shit
3. Prick
2. Twat
1. FUCK! or any derivative of it, even multiplicating it. Such as "Fuckity, fuck, fuck." or in this gem here:

This is my top 5 favorite curse words.

Why am I posting them? Well, to let you all know what they are. Plus, I want to pimp out my friends at the Salty Language Podcast. They did their top 5 curse words in the last episode. They also do movie reviews, and hilarious and pointed commentary on the stupid fucks of the world! And of course, they would love it if you weren't a stupid fuck and checked them out. You can find them at one of the places below.

Salty Language on:


or email them at saltylanguage@gmail.com

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