Friday, April 1, 2011

Books and Friends

I just finished reading The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen. And while it was a good book, I don't think it was her best. It got me to thinking though about friendship and what true friendship really looks like.

The book focuses on a small town in North Carolina. The main character Paxton is the President of the Women's Society Club and she's always striving to be perfect. The other main female character is Willa. She's from a family that was wealthy in the beginning, but lost their fortune when the logging trade dried up.

Anyway, they both went to high school together, but weren't friends. One night while driving home late, Willa sees Paxton in trouble and comes to her rescue. After that, Paxton can't figure out why Willa hasn't spilled the beans to everyone in town. She thinks Willa must be planning to use this information against her at a later date. Willa is very confused by this, since it's not how she operates.

But to be fair that's the only kind of friendship Paxton has ever experienced. At the end, Paxton comes to understand what true friendship is, and she sums it all up in this quote " One way or the other, Paxton knew that those who decided to stick with her would be her true friends. The others would just be scenery."

I've dealt with a weakening or loss of friendship over the past year. And it's been weighing on my mind. I sat down a while ago and really thought about who I could lean on if I needed to. And it turns out that I don't really have many.

I'm talking about:

  • calling at all hours of the night/day

  • being there for them when they need me

  • being able to talk about whatever and knowing they won't spill the beans to anyone

  • them being there for me

  • helping each other out

  • listening to problems and automatically knowing to offer advice or agreement

  • being willing to drive to see me, just as much as I drive to them

I also include the usual talking about whatever and joking of course. But just to have one woman that you can always go to, to talk about whatever, whenever, is amazing.

I have that.

I do.

It just surprised me that it wasn't originally who I though it was. And I'm so thankful that I have both of them in my life.

Jeanie & Mom - you are both all sorts of AWESOME!


Smart Ass Sara said...

I just started this book last night. I am still undecided why I chose this book to review.. but we'll see. It looks like a short read so hopefully I'll finish it this weekend.

Lilac SilverFox said...

*tacklehug* THANK YOU!!! Got the package Friday, was without net til today, and omg!! I wrote it on my blog, but I literally squealed in the car when I saw what was in the bottom!!!
Thank you so much!!!!

~Barb~ said...

I know exactly waht you mean about having that one friend that you can really count on through thick and thin, without hesitation or doubt. It is seldom that we come across those in these days and times so when we do, we must hang on for dear life! It's very cool that you mention your Mom as one of your two...I hope that my daughters always see me as one of theirs. My sister is one of mine and I am so proud of that fact.
Peace & Love,

Lilac SilverFox said...

hehe Yea, I've had one of the bunny peeps and so has the hubby, might have a couple today as I'm craving something sweet anyway lol

Oh, the poem was too cute, I cut it out to use in something, just don't know what yet. I cut off the part about "Dove Chocolates" thugh and kept the actual little faerie bunny part:

You might wonder how he does it,
visits homes across the land.
Without any elves or reindeer
to lend a helping hand.

You see, the Easter Bunny has
his own crew of magic friends.
A full fleet of furry faeries,
on whom he can depend.

Their vibrant wings are stunning,
their eyes sparkle with a gleam,
they carry chocolate so exquisite,
a luscious, smooth, and silky dream.