Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things I Learned at the 3-Day

  • The 2 most common words are: Thank you.
  • The 4 most common words are: Thank you for walking.
  • Kindness is everywhere.
  • You will be brought to tears for a bag of ice or a quick icy dunk of your bandana.
  • If you feel it is too hot outside, just go into a port-a-potty for a few minutes. When you come out it will seem as though the world is air conditioned.
  • Blisters are common and will heal fast enough.
  • The last mile of the day feels like 5.
  • Negativity has no place here. You worked hard training and fundraising. Why spend your walk whining? Besides, whining causes blisters.
  • After walking 16 miles with someone you just met, you can call them a true friend.
  • I will never forget when my daughter ran towards me and into my arms.
  • A wonderful sight is seeing all different people walking. Short, tall, old, young, etc. Everyone walks. Because we walk for those who cant.
  • Everyone deserves a lifetime.
  • Yes, I will do this again.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing for you to do and it looks like you might have learned a thing or two. LOL


~Onreeone~ said...

How wonderful of you to do the 3 day. Raising funds for cancer awareness and research is so very important. Congratulations on your successful and positive venture. Hope those blisters have healed.

Joy said...

WOW! So proud to hear that you walked the 3 day!!!!